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Rough Surface


My name is Thupden Gurung.

Embracing my inner polymath, I navigate the world as an agency founder, strategist, content creator, and systems analyst. Welcome to my online journal, where you’ll find my meditations on strategy, creativity and personal evolution.

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Here's what I have for you:

Born out of a cure for intellectual loneliness, my Youtube channel is where I experiment with storytelling through cinematography to share ideas that have changed my life.

Since 2018, my team and I have been building some of the most disruptive brands, high-conversion campaigns, and result-oriented strategies.


We meticulously craft our strategies by placing humans at the forefront of our design process. With the aim of creating impactful and meaningful experiences, we ensure that every life form, including the planet itself, is taken into consideration. While this may sound idealistic, our goal is to reach our destination one iteration at a time.


Whether you are a business owner, freelancer or an aspiring creative - we have resources, tools and strategies tailored just for you.

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